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The most disturbing fact of the last decade

As the use of technology increases, so does the number of visitors to websites hosting pornographic content, with various surveillance showing that these sites are among the most visited worldwide, predominantly by the youth.

The numbers clearly illustrate this. For instance, the independent Human Rights Monitoring Agency in the UK (Children’s Commission) revealed that sexual content has become so pervasive that children can no longer avoid it.

By the age of nine, 10% of children have been exposed to pornography, 27% by the age of 11, and over half by the age of 13.

These are children who may encounter it unintentionally. Imagine then the figures for adults who seek it out and become addicted.

Surveillance shows that in just 60 seconds, over 2.5 million people have visited websites well-known for displaying pornographic content. This means that at least 28,000 people attempt to view such content every second.

In Rwanda and globally, the number of visitors to pornographic websites significantly increased during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially during the lockdowns implemented in various countries.

At that time, 27% of women in Rwanda viewed it, compared to 24% worldwide. Rwanda ranked 29th in Africa for the number of people watching sex films.

38% of viewers are between the ages of 18 and 24, but there is no evidence that those younger do not watch it because accessing it is easy without needing to disclose one’s age, and if age is requested, any age can be entered.

This is just one example of the data reflecting the overall picture of pornography viewership. But if you’re involved, have you considered its impact on your health?

In November 2023, the Verywell Mind website, which publishes research articles on human psychology, announced that while watching pornography might help some learn about what to change in their sexual practices to please their partners or spouses, addiction to watching it has negative consequences for the viewer.

These include emotional changes leading to severe depression, the breakdown of marriages for those addicted as they lose interest in having sexual relations with their spouse.

It also ruins their relationships with others, as those addicted to watching pornography prefer to be alone for unrestricted viewing, neglecting time with others to the extent that important plans with them might be canceled.

It not only damages your relationships but also leads to job neglect, potentially resulting in job loss, which negatively affects your daily life.

Those addicted to viewing pornography are also at risk of mental health disorders, including severe anxiety and depression.

If you are addicted to watching these videos and wish to quit, it is advisable to seek counseling from mental health professionals to discuss steps to overcome this habit.

It is also beneficial to start engaging in other beneficial activities you enjoy, such as physical exercises, spending time with family and friends, and other positive activities that can prevent you from being alone and tempted to watch pornography.

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