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He thrives financially through pineapple and citrus farming after returning from Iwawa

Nzabarushimana Deus is among the fruit farmers, including pineapples and citrus, cultivating on a three-hectare land in the Rukira Sector, Ngoma District. This farming enables him to earn over 300,000 Rwandan Francs (Frw) monthly, significantly contributing to his personal development and steering him away from drug abuse and other harmful behaviors.

Residing in Rugaragara Village, Buriba Cell, Rukira Sector, Nzabarushimana shared with KURA that in 2016, he was sent to the Iwawa rehabilitation center after being caught using drugs extensively. After a year of training and moral education, he transformed, gaining valuable lessons that motivated him to be a responsible man.

He said, “Iwawa taught me how to become an entrepreneur, to work for myself and be financially independent. They also gave me time to reflect on my life, realizing that drug abuse was leading me to a destructive path. Returning in 2018, I first joined Top Security in Kigali, where I worked for a year and eight months, saving up a capital of 270,000 Frw.”

Upon returning to his hometown in Rukira Sector, Nzabarushimana immediately started citrus farming, planting 180 trees that thrived and encouraged him to expand his farming activities to include pineapples.

Now, he earns over 300,000 Frw monthly

Nzabarushimana explains that currently, he has citrus trees planted on one hectare with over 900 trees and two hectares dedicated to pineapple cultivation. These crops ensure he earns a profit of between 300,000 and 400,000 Frw each month.

He stated, “With this income, I can pay six employees working daily, cover my initial investment in farming and harvesting. Agriculture is where one can make a substantial profit in a short period if the market is right and if one dedicates enough care to the process.”

Challenges he still faces

Nzabarushimana notes that one of the main challenges is the lack of a stable market, as he often has to transport his citrus fruits and pineapples by bicycle to sell in the market.

He explained, “It’s quite difficult to load your fruits on bicycles and sell them along the way without a consistent market. For pineapples, too, the absence of regular customers is a challenge. If I had a stable market, I could expand my operations and cultivate a larger area, but currently, I sometimes face a shortage of customers or have to accept lower prices.”

Thanks to fruit farming, he has bought a plot of nearly one hectare, built a house costing almost 3 million Frw, purchased another hectare of land, and rented additional land for farming, all from the income generated from citrus and pineapple farming over nearly five years.

Comparing his current life to his past, marred by drug abuse, he sees a significant improvement and is grateful to the government for intervening early. He advises the youth to steer clear of drugs, emphasizing that no one prospers from substance abuse and encouraging them to invest in agriculture for quick and substantial returns. He advises those interested in farming to seek guidance from experienced farmers, be patient, and commit fully to their work for success.

Currently, Nzabihimana has a wife and one child and aims to expand his citrus cultivation to at least five hectares to ensure a continuous harvest throughout the year. He also aspires to increase his pineapple farming to the same extent.

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