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What does Valentine’s day signify?

All eyes are set on the 14th of February because it is a day dedicated to lovers to express their affection for each other in a special way.

This day is dedicated to lovers because it commemorates the saint Valentine, renowned for his profound love, and the whole world celebrates love on this occasion.

Lovers believe that this day should be marked with special gestures to express love such as exchanging gifts, cards, going out, and other gestures that strengthen their bond.

Different couples display their beliefs on this matter; some express profound commitment while others take it more casually.

Pamella, who has been with her partner for five years, expressed that Valentine’s Day is significant and they should celebrate it.

She says, “Valentine’s Day is a special occasion for lovers. My partner and I celebrate it greatly; he gives me gifts and I also surprise him with some. It’s a day for us to appreciate our love.”

She further added that her partner recently proposed to her on Valentine’s Day, showing that there’s no limit to the value he gives.

Patrick Kamanzi also acknowledges Valentine’s Day as an excellent opportunity to celebrate love and cherish moments with his partner.

He says, “On Valentine’s Day, it’s a great opportunity to celebrate love with my partner. I always give her a special gift to show my appreciation and we cherish our love.”

On the other hand, Uwera Bélise believes that Valentine’s Day doesn’t hold much significance; instead, she chooses to cherish her partner every day.

She says, “I love my partner every day, I don’t need to wait for one day in a year to celebrate our love; I give him gifts frequently and it works just fine.”

Valentine’s Day resonates with the sentiments of every individual. In love, it’s essential to communicate openly so that each person understands the significance to their partner before making decisions on how to celebrate it.

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