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Ngabo Karegeya on his experience in Rwanda day

In recent years, when you mentioned Ngabo Karegeya or ‘Ibere rya Bigogwe’, many thought of a young shepherd with dreams of advancing tourism based on cows. It was hard to believe these dreams would come true.

Today, Karegeya’s story has changed. He is an example of how anyone who is passionate and works hard in what they love can succeed.

Who would have thought that a shepherd could enter the Kigali Convention Centre, be invited to meetings with the President, or fly to Washington DC? This is only possible in an inclusive Rwanda!

Ngabo Karegeya, founder of the cow-based tourism company Ibere rya Bigogwe Tourism Company Ltd, now proudly talks about attending Rwanda and gaining knowledge to enhance his tourism business.

Ngabo was one of over six thousand participants at Rwanda Day in Washington DC, where the Rwandan leadership discussed with Rwandans, predominantly those living abroad.

Ngabo Karegeya expressed his joy at attending Rwanda Day and had the opportunity to explain his tourism activities in Bigogwe.

He said, “It was a great platform to meet people who love what I do and to introduce it to others, and an excellent opportunity to encourage Rwandans to appreciate their local tourism.”

“For me personally, attending RwandaDay as a shepherd and being trusted with a Visa to America shows the value of my project.”

He continued, stating that Rwanda Day provided him with many lessons to expand his activities.

“I learned a lot at Rwanda Day, including doing what you love and inspiring others to love it too. Also, the importance of persistence even when things are small, as they will grow over time.”

“I also saw that Rwandans love their country, like the Bigogwe balls I brought were quickly bought, and learned that the country loves its youth and is ready to support good projects, even our President is ready to support us. The country has opened its doors, and we should seize this opportunity.”

Ngabo, with his promising tourism project, urged the youth not to lose hope in their endeavors.

“People visiting Bigogwe, I assure you that we are ready to continue enhancing what we offer to make it feel like home and to make our country proud.”

“Young people, I urge you to continue doing what you love and have confidence in yourselves. It’s normal to be afraid to start, but if you believe in yourself, it will work out. It might take time, but it will happen.”

Ibere rya Bigogwe Tourism is a company mainly focused on cow-based tourism, started by Ngabo Karegeya. He guides tourists through the Bigogwe pastures, teaching them about the Rwandan culture centered around cows and more.

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