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The ICT genius and the strategies that led him to the top

National exams are the most important for a high school student. Many dread the day they have to sit and fight for their future. Kayitare Audax was one of those but contrary to his expectations he managed to position himself at the top in ICT.

Passing your national examination is one of the most relieving news you get in your life, but what happens when you actually emerge as the person with the highest marks?

The Rwandan government has continued to remove barriers that kept children from attending school, including adding more classrooms, providing meals for primary school students, reducing school fees, and more.

Additionally, the Ministry of Education continually rewards students who perform well nationally at every level, from primary school to the sixth year of secondary school.

Kayitare Audax is one of those who received a laptop as a reward when they were appreciating students who performed well in the sixth year of secondary school.

This young man, who completed his studies at Rwanda Coding Academy, says that it was initially very challenging for him because it was his first time using a computer, unlike his classmates who were already familiar with it.

He says, “The thing that challenged me the most when I started studying at Rwanda Coding Academy was getting used to the computer. I studied with those who were familiar with it, but it was my first time.”

Was succeeding just luck?

Kayitare firmly believes that his success was not just luck but the result of his dedication to his studies and the support he received from his parents and teachers.

He emphasizes that the reward he received was earned because he made the most of the opportunity to study at Rwanda Coding Academy.

This is also confirmed by his parent, Mudaheranwa Cyprien, who said that his son’s education was challenging, but he handled it bravely.

He says, “When we first heard about the level of this school, we thought it was for children from affluent families, but this child, who attended Nemba Primary School, studied in temporary structures because it’s where Rwandans expelled from Tanzania in 2006 settled [he was among them]. But due to our persistence and enthusiasm, we followed his education, and he was also determined.”

Advice he gives to his peers

Kayitare advises his peers not to be lazy and to be enthusiastic in their endeavors.

He says, “My advice to my fellow students is to work hard with their own strength and not to get discouraged. When they face obstacles, they should not think it is the end but continue to struggle.”

This is also echoed by others who were rewarded nationally. In their messages, they advise their peers to have goals and take steps to achieve those goals.

For those who will be taking the final high school exams, they remind them not to be afraid, but to read their books and pay attention to what the teachers teach.

On December 4, 2023, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the 2022/2023 national high school final exams, where boys performed better than girls.

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