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Dr. Utumatwishima’s guiding principles for aspiring artists

During the unveiling of the third phase of ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi, on 3rd November 2023, the Minister of Youth, Dr. Utumatwishima J. Nepo Abdallah, shared advice for Rwanda’s rising artists, emphasizing the mix of talent and discipline.

Dr. Utumatwishima was candid, noting that while innate talent is crucial, it isn’t the sole determinant of success.

He underscored the importance of melding one’s natural gift with dedication, punctuality, minimizing distractions, and beginning the day early.

The Minister expressed, “True artistic potential is realized when one leverages platforms like ArtRwanda. Commit to excellence in your craft, exemplify commendable behavior, and respect the sanctity of time. Discipline, such as moderate alcohol consumption and early starts, ensures productivity.”

The minister emphasized that artists should leverage of all the opportunities that are given to them

He candidly remarked on the pitfalls of overindulgence, observing, “A late start after heavy drinking isn’t conducive to productivity. For those earnestly seeking growth in Rwanda’s vibrant arts scene, the path is clear.”

Further showcasing his commitment to nurturing young talent, Dr. Utumatwishima conveyed that the Ministry of Youth is receptive to supporting special projects needing exposure. Demonstrating an inclusive approach, he also expressed a willingness to collaborate with diverse voices, inviting them to partake in the ministry’s multifaceted endeavors.

Note: This article offers a contextual translation, ensuring the essence and intent of the original remarks remain intact.

Minister of Youth, Dr. Utumatwishima J. Nepo Abdallah, said that the government is ready to assist the youth
The Minister said that talent isn’t enough and that without discipline it doesn’t amount to much

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