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D’banj on what young artists need to rise to the top

Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo, known as D’Banj, is a musician hailing from Nigeria with a notable presence in African music. Currently, he is in Rwanda where he graced the Trace Awards ceremony held in Kigali over the weekend.

Speaking to the press, D’Banj emphasized the significance of African music, which holds a unique place due to its rich cultural diversity. He highlighted the importance of preserving the heritage and tradition of African music.

D’Banj also demonstrated the need for collaborative efforts to further promote African music on the global stage. He discussed the potential for international collaborations, emphasizing their role in raising the profile of young African artists and music institutions, such as helping to bridge the gap between artists and renowned international labels.

He stressed that it is essential to empower African artists to continue their musical journey and leave a lasting impact.

He stated, “We need to start educating our youths, you know, to have the right management, the right marketing, because talent is one thing, but you need to be able to take that talent, refine it, know when to evolve, know when to come out, and it is very expensive.”

D’Banj provided an example from the business world: “If you look at a Coca-Cola or you look at a Pepsi, it’s whatever it takes them to be able to stay so long, and it’s a lot of marketing, a lot of customer service, a lot of things, and that is what we are lacking in the entertainment sector.”

He emphasized that this approach would have a positive impact on African artists and their audiences, ultimately creating a thriving music industry on the continent.

D’Banj expressed his excitement about attending the Trace Awards as one of the key figures, not only as a performer but also as a representative who wishes to show others the possibilities they can achieve in the music industry.

He concluded, “In reality, I come as an encouragement. You may not be there, but don’t stop. The world is watching. The opportunity is there.”

Oladapo Daniel Oyebanjo’s [D’Banj] last visit to Kigali was in 2020 when he attended the Creative Africa Exchange (CAX) event, which brought together musicians and artists like Mr. Flavour, along with Rwandan talents Marina, Kivumbi, and Niyo Bosco.

Watch the full interview here
D’banj was the first African artist to have a global hit with Oliver Twist in the UK
“Talent is one thing, but you need to be able to take that talent, refine it.”

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