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Mvukiye on how to navigate the challenges of hospitality as a young woman

There is a saying people use which goes ‘He tempts, and she is tempted’. This can indicate that a person who works in the housekeeping department of hotels or other lodging spaces is generally seen by society as seductive.

Due to what happens in the rooms of hotels and other lodgings occupied by people with various habits, one may wonder how a young woman can perform this job and deal with the challenges that come with it.

Jolie Mvukiye has spent over ten years in the hospitality sector, working in various hotels both in Rwanda and abroad, especially in South Africa.

Currently, she works at Century Park Hotel and Residences, where she is responsible for Housekeeping, particularly preparing rooms, and ensuring that the guests receive excellent service.

Mvukiye has been working in the hospitality sector for 10 years

Mvukiye states that it’s true when you work in hotel rooms you meet men who just see you as an object of desire. However, if you have a strong sense of self, you won’t fall into their trap.

She says, “Often, we receive many guests, especially men. Some come to have fun and don’t hesitate to do what they feel like. Yes, this happens, but when you’re in this job, you must be wise.”

“Not every man you meet will approach you directly. Some may say they are looking for a girl or ask why you can’t help him out in certain ways. However, in all situations, you should remain professional and know how to handle yourself because challenges arise.”

The young woman believes professionalism is the way to go when working in the hospitality sector

Mvukiye has faced criticism many times, with some telling her that her job is degrading and that it’s scandalous. She says it has taught her a lot.

She adds, “This job has exposed me to many things, especially interacting with diverse people. I have grown in the profession and even achieved dreams I once had.”

While society might see someone in this job as ‘easygoing’, there are those who view it as a humble job and don’t respect it properly.

Mvukiye argues that those who see this job as degrading are wrong because it sustains those who love it, and the people in it deserve respect.

She says, “In Rwanda, people have different opinions because everyone has their own way of thinking. This is where the challenge comes in. How you carry yourself is how others will treat you. For instance, if you’re in a room and someone gives you 100$, thinking it’s a big deal, they feel they should take advantage.”

“But this doesn’t mean everyone working there is a prostitute or anything else. It’s all about personal conduct. If you behave well, customers respect you, as do your colleagues and management.”

Having gone through what she has in the past ten years in this job, Mvukiye advises the youth to join the hospitality sector because it offers various opportunities.

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