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Unveiling the hidden opportunities of Kivu Fest for Youth

The Kivu Fest is known for a plethora of reasons. Some youth claimed that it is a window to breathe as Kigali can be stressful. Some argued that it was a way just to go out and have fun near the beach. For some, it was a chance to take time off work and forget about their nagging bosses.

BUT, there is an unspoken reality that comes with the Kivu Festival. An unsung song and an unrecognized opportunity that rises for young people. Here are some of the unsung songs from the 2023 Kivu Fest.

During an interview with Ajax Mbayiha, a young team leader at Chop Life Kigali, he said that the Kivu Fest is not just a place to have fun. It is a platform for some young business owners (like himself) to showcase what they are capable of. He also mentioned how such platforms beefed up their sales.

He also mentioned that the festival gave him an opportunity to have his dishes tasted by many other individuals coming from beyond Rwanda. He said ‘…major shout out to the organizers, who have provided the platform for me to bring my brand out whilst I generate some income too.’

During the festival, a chat with Dj Rugamba and Dj Julzz (video dropping soon!), reviewed that the two young disk jockeys not only did they enjoy dropping one hot track after the other, but they also take pride in the part they play to help other young people destress through the melodies whilst they make a couple of Amafaranga.

‘This is a platform to have fun, yes, but some of us young DJs are getting a platform to learn about various cultures. We have people from neighboring countries coming through and other foreigners who have flown in to enjoy the beach and the music. Imagine I get to be at the front of such a crowd, doing something I love but also making a living.’ – Dj Julzz

‘There is no limit due to gender. I am a female DJ and I am here at Kivu Fest taking center stage, playing music, and getting paid while at it. Let this be a lesson to any young girl out there who wants to be a disk jockey. You can do it.’ – Dj Rugamba

There are some efforts of young people who set up the entire look and feel of the festival. From the banner placement to the manual labor to make that stage. Those young people got an opportunity to earn a couple of Francs. We also have to appreciate those who were ticketing, those who were making keeping order (security), and the young hands that then cleaned the whole beach after people were done having fun.

While the Kivu Fest is undoubtedly a place for people to unwind and enjoy themselves, it holds a deeper significance for the young generation. Beyond the fun and relaxation, it serves as a platform for aspiring entrepreneurs, talented individuals, and hardworking youth to showcase their skills and make meaningful connections.

The festival offers opportunities for young business owners like Ajax Mbayiha to gain exposure, expand their brands, and generate income. For DJs Rugamba and Julzz, it provides a chance to not only entertain but also learn about diverse cultures and make a living doing what they love.

Additionally, the festival empowers young people through employment opportunities in various roles, such as event set up, ticketing, security, and cleanup. Therefore, let us not only celebrate the joy of the Kivu Fest but also recognize and appreciate the unspoken opportunities it presents for the youth.

The entertainment industry has diverse opportunities for young people

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