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Five emerging artists in the Rwandan music sphere

Rwandan music continues to grow day and night with young and new artists joining the scene and producing songs that resonate with many listeners.

KURA would like to introduce you to five emerging artists that you’ll enjoy listening to their music. These artists specialize in genres such as RnB, Afrobeat, Afrosoul, Hip-Hop, traditional and foreign styles, and more.

We have selected these artists and appreciate their excellent work, continuously offered to the Rwandan people. As we wish to keep doing this regulary, if there is anyone else you know, introduce them to us, and they might make it to our list.


This young man is commonly known as Aristide Uwizeye Bishanya. He is one of the Dancehall genre singers in Rwanda. He has been trying to work hard but has not yet become one of the strong artists in the country.

Bishanya Big Bang, aged 29, began professional music in 2015. At that time, he started with a song called “Selfie”.

This young man follows the footsteps of artists such as Sean Paul and Shaggy, claiming that he started discovering his music talent from childhood. He says, “I was born with music. I used to sing for my peers during primary school.”

Bishanya has featured in various songs including “OTSMA” in which he collaborated with Juno Kizigenza, “Ndakabakaraga” with Uncle Austin, and others.

He recently released his second album called “Progress,” following the “Elevation” that was released in 2021. This new album includes songs like ‘Success’, ‘Smoke and Hustle’, ‘Kwasa Kwasa’ with Win Loo, ‘Progress’ with Bill Ruzima, ‘Loyalty’ and ‘Ibigwi’.

Bishanya has gained the hearts of many Rwandans

Linda Montez

Linda Umurerwa, who uses the stage name Linda Montez in music and participated in The Voice Africa this year and ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi, is one of the artists to watch.

Born and raised in Kigali city, she hails from a family of five, including three boys and two girls, and she is the third child.

She started her primary education in Nyandungu, completed her high school at Sainte Bernadette in Save where she studied Mathematics, Economics, and Geography (MEG). She is currently studying finance at the University of Tourism and Business (UTB).

She started discovering her musical talent at the age of five. She began singing in high school and later participated in various competitions.

In 2018, she joined ArtRwanda-Ubuhanzi and reached the final stage, outdoing many others. In 2020, she was one of the Rwandans who participated in the singing competition The Voice Francophone Africa in West Africa but had to withdraw due to personal reasons.

This year, she joined the competition again. She is currently housed in a hub for artists by the artist Uncle Austin, known as “Uncle’s Empire”.

Watch her recent song with Uncle Austin called “Slow Down”.

Linda participated in various competitions and gained recognition


Nesta Prince Zitoni Bahizi, better known as Mistaek, is one of the up-and-coming artists. He gained popularity with the song “Ku Cyaro”.

Mistaek started as a DJ and later went to study music at Nyundo which greatly improved his skills, he released his first song in 2018 while he was part of a group called 47 Gang, titled “Kingkong”.

On 3rd June 2023, Mistaek released his first album ‘2k40’ featuring 17 songs and collaborating with nine artists, including Makare Fox, Ayo Rash, Bull Dogg, Symphony Band, Okkama, Made Beats, Bruce The 1st, Maestro Boomin, and B.Threy.

The album also features songs produced by Producers including Bobly, The Major, Logic Hit, Made Beats, Jules Pro, Muriro, Bob Pro, Ayo Rash, and OStyle.

This young man specializes in genres like Trapp, RnB, Pop, and many others.

Mistaek is also among young artists trying to make it in the industry

Zeo Trap

His real name is François Byiringiro. He is 22 years old. This young man is one of the rappers that are rising well in Rwanda, although he is not far along yet.

He often says that he works on projects aimed at catching the attention of people who have mental problems due to the harsh daily life, especially focusing on giving a message to the youth.

He continues to say that people often underestimate rappers, and he wants to change this perception.

“Some underestimate rappers; I want to make them believe in the new generation that I am part of, by showing good behavior,” he says.

Zeo Trap was born in Gisozi, Kigali city. He finished high school in 2017 at APADEM where he started his music journey.

In 2019, he and Byina Trap, whom he collaborated with, made their first song. During the COVID-19, their group parted ways.

He has featured in various songs, including “Eleee”, “Umwanda,” and others. He recently released an album called “Abafana 100K”.

Zeo Trap is a young emerging rapper


Giribambe Joshua, better known in music as Jowest, is also one of the young men rising well in music.

Jowest is one of the talented young artists who have caught the attention of many music lovers in Rwanda with his promising future. He has released various unique songs such as ‘Agahapinesi,’ ‘Hejuru,’ ‘Saye,’ ‘Pizza,’ and others.

Jowest is signed to I.T Entertainment and quickly worked on an Extended Play (EP) titled ‘Uzanyibuke.’ This EP includes songs like ‘Bajou,’ ‘Wanted,’ and others.

Jowest is very talented

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