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Networking, budgeting, saving || Tuyizere walks us through life as a waitress in Rwanda

A famous Rwandan proverb says, “Abatabizi bicwa no kutabimenya,” revealing the bitter nature of ignorance even to its own master. This timeless truth manifests itself as people often venture into discussions about unfamiliar subjects, lacking the essential information, while those who have lived the experiences hold the key to the authentic truth.

Within Rwanda’s vibrant tourism and hospitality industry lie numerous opportunities, awaiting those with the knowledge and skills requisite for the field. However, some individuals find their way into this realm without the traditional path of higher education.

Presently, many are familiar with the stereotype that is attributed to those employed in hotels and restaurants, creating a clichéd image.

However, Tuyizere Pascaline tells another story. This young woman is currently employed as a waitress at the luxurious five-star hotel, The Retreat by Heaven, nestled in the heart of Kiyovu, Kigali.

Tuyizere Pascaline shares her life as a waitress

Before embarking on her current career, Tuyizere spent a year excelling in the makeup industry, earning praise for her remarkable skills. Driven by her aspirations and the desire to improve her living conditions, she made the bold decision to transition into the realm of hospitality.

Although she was passionate about hospitality, Tuyizere lacked formal expertise, having never attended any courses or studied hospitality. Fortunately, an opportunity arose for her to train at The Retreat by Heaven, as part of their comprehensive program encompassing hospitality, customer service, and language proficiency.

Reflecting on her journey, Tuyizere expressed her determination to embrace this profession, despite the absence of the requisite skills. Grateful for the unwavering support she received from the management, she wholeheartedly appreciates their guidance in her pursuit of a brighter future.

She pivoted from a career in makeup

Recalling her previous occupation in the makeup industry, Tuyizere shared, “Before I embarked on this job, I used to work in makeup. When I first arrived at The Retreat, I was completely inexperienced, but they provided excellent training and helped me grow.”

Acknowledging the challenges in the hotel service industry, she emphasized that since she began her journey, she has learned the intricacies of serving people, culinary skills, and providing exceptional service.

She remarked, “I had never been in this field before, nor was I attending university, but I’m learning while working here. It’s not just about the monetary aspect; it’s about personal growth and honing my skills.”

She has learnt language proficiency among other skills

Tuyizere addressed the misconception surrounding waitressing, asserting that it is indeed a respectable occupation. According to her, she has been able to finance her studies in hospitality at Mount Kenya University through her earnings from this job.

She proudly stated, “I had never set foot in a university before taking up this job, but now I can support myself financially and pay my own rent. How can people claim it’s not a decent job? I believe it depends on how you approach it.”

Despite encountering various challenges, she emphasized that any issues or shortcomings in delivering quality service can be overcome through continuous learning and self-improvement.

This job has opened many doors for her

Tuyizere remarked, “Sometimes work can be demanding, especially when dealing with customers, but with the skills you possess and how you communicate with people, anything is achievable.”

Dismissing the stereotypes associated with women working in hotels, she asserted that such beliefs are mere misconceptions, and reputable establishments establish regulations to prevent any misconduct.

Working eight hours a day, Tuyizere expressed how her profession has enhanced her skills and transformed her life.

She proclaimed, “To the youth aspiring to achieve their goals, you must start from the bottom. You can’t become a hotel manager without going through the ranks. Work diligently, maintain a positive attitude, and set clear objectives.”

From our conversation, it is evident that Tuyizere nurtures ambitions of becoming a hotel manager in the near future, driven by her remarkable journey of growth and determination.

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