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Never broke again!

As we continue to paint the portrait of ‘the Africa we want’. It is key to highlight that in this future Africa, everyone wants to chop life! Nobody ever wants to be broke.

This is a normal and natural mindset. As young people we want to own houses, cool cars, businesses, we want to be able to go on dates without constantly checking our wallets.

However, the reality is that poverty is real and most young people are the ‘broke’ majority. Being broke is never cool. So what do we do to end this chain of poverty?

How can young people make money and have both wants and needs? Well the answer and solution to this poverty crisis SDG1: NO POVERTY! SDG1 aims to ‘end poverty in its all forms everywhere’ by 2030. Leaving #NoYouthBehind!

But how do we end poverty? What is this first SDG1 get at? What really does it mean for a young man or woman in Rwanda? Well, to end poverty in all forms, the first SDG has its targets and indicators.

Targets are normally measurable (“all people”, “at least by half”, “for all”), although some language used is open to interpretation (“substantial coverage”). Indicators then show the measurement by which those targets can be judged a success or failure.

As the SDGs are not legally binding, it would be great to have young people as ‘GoalKeeper’ to ensure that the goals are implemented. Today the world’s population is predominantly young.

Africa in particular will have more than 1 billion young people by 2035. For the first SDG, these are some of the ways youngsters can play their part:

Optimizing poverty eradication policies

The implementation policies put in place by state institutions (e.g. RDB) must be speaking to the needs of the communities. For this to happen, youth should be ‘GoalKeepers’, observing at local level.

After observing the poverty related needs in the community, do not end there. Look for ways how situations can be transformed and report it to the authorities so that the policies that are put in place to end poverty will work within the community.

Stimulate Change

With social media and other numerous ways to communicate, young people have easier ways to be heard.
It is key to raise awareness of the poverty issues that plague the community. Be constantly on the lookout for issues that are contributing towards poverty.

Design Innovative Solutions

To complain and do nothing about it is normally just lame. So what are you going to do about your empty pocket? Are you going to sit around and just cry foul or you will take action and kick poverty right back? Do not chill while the situation gets worse. Be engaged, be inspired and do come up with solutions that will get you and others out of poverty.

Lastly, remember to tell a friend to tell a friend about SDGs. Young people are the heartbeat of the community. Being active towards ending poverty is important. Anyway, remember nobody wants to be broke. Lets work together towards chopping life.

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