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Is Rwanda’s future in good hands?

Adults are frequently heard criticizing today’s youth, accusing them of alcoholism, drug use, laziness, promiscuity, and other habits that make people wonder and worry about the country’s future.

President Paul Kagame brought up the issue again during the 15th Unity Club Intwararumuri Forum.

President Kagame stated that young people are the future of this country and that it would be a great loss if they lacked the necessary abilities.

He stated that one of the habits that continue to haunt the youth is the use of drugs, and that while the government would do everything possible to enact laws to prevent youth from engaging in drugs, the first responsibility is that of parents in assisting their children’s education.

“There is a problem,” he said, “some parents believe that modernity is all about no longer being involved in their children’s education. It’s a blunder […] You’re not going to wait for someone from outside to come in and tell your child that their behavior is inappropriate.”

According to the Rwanda Investigation Bureau (RIB), 6067 people were prosecuted for drug-related crimes in 2018/19, and this number increased to 6759 in 2019/2020.

Those prosecuted fell slightly to 5733 in 2020/2021. They increased again in 2021/2022, with 6608 arrests.

Of those arrested, 744 were under the age of 18, accounting for 3%; 14,765, or 58.7%, were between the ages of 18 and 30; and 9658, or 38.4%, were over 30.

Statistics analyzed by RIB over a four-year period show that drugs are prevalent among people aged 18 to 30.

As a result, RIB Spokesperson Dr Murangira B. Thierry stated that educational institutions should play a critical role in ensuring that young people are monitored as needed.

“The RIB requires educational institutions to control young people because traffickers are among them,” he said.

Is the future of the country in good hands?

When one considers these figures, one may consider the nation’s future, particularly in light of the fact that today’s youth will become tomorrow’s teachers, doctors, leaders, and soldiers, who will defend the nation’s sovereignty.

Tito Rutaremara, the chair of the Rwanda Elders Advisory Forum (REAF), stated in an interview that establishing a system to punish those who break the law, turn corrupt, engage in alcoholism, adultery, and drug use is necessary to protect the future of the youth.

“The family should teach children not to drink alcohol or indulge in other things because it is bad,” he continued, “and educational institutions should play a role.”

Tito Rutaremera stated that just because some youths behave badly does not mean that the country’s future is jeopardized because there are others who behave well and their numbers are greater.

“Youth face many misleading things,” he said, “but we cannot put all young people in one basket.”

“While there are many good young people, we must continue to work hard to reduce the number of those who engage in questionable behavior.” There are many deceptive practices, but not all of them are harmful.”

Tito Rutaremara believes that the future of the country is in good hands
Youth is the future of the country

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