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Skincare advice from an expert with flawless skin

In the nature of women, self-care is a very important aspect, from the clothes they wear to the cosmetics and perfumes that they use.

Niyigena Diane is a 50-year-old woman by definition but not by her looks. If you meet her, you might think she’s younger, especially given how young her skin appears. When you look at her routines, you will notice that she knows how to care for her skin.

You might be wondering how she looks so good because she takes such good care of herself. During our interview, she expressed concern about her health, particularly her skin. She keeps track of what lotions she uses, when she uses them, and what she eats.

Even though she is nowa pro when it comes to skincare, this was not always the case. She used to spend a lot of money on expensive lotions that did nothing for her skin. She made the decision to educate herself about skincare while also educating others.

“I enjoy skincare and anything that will keep me looking young. The majority of the items in my home are skincare products. I used to buy any kind of lotion, which was stupid on my part,” she said.

“Then I decided to study it to help women, because some may buy the most expensive things without realizing they are bad for their skin,” she added.

When you put effort into something, it almost always turns out well. After deciding to study, Niyigena discovered a two-year training course offered by Americans in the Netherlands and Belgium, where she was already living.

When she gained the knowledge she sought, she opened a store selling skincare products and examined customers to determine what their skins needed and what would work for them.

Niyigena’s tips for those who want to take care of their skin

According to the skin expert, Africans have different complexions and must know which products are appropriate for theirs.

“There are three skin types: dark, light, and mixed. You will find that every now and then, you see someone who is light skinned using products for someone who has a much darker complexion,” she explained.

“That should not be the case people should use products designed for their skin type,” she emphasized.

She went on to say that there are different ways to care for your skin depending on your age and the season.

Apart from using products that complement her complexion, the 50-year-old believes that taking vitamins is something everyone should do because it has worked for her.

“Vitamins are very important, especially since Melanin decreases with age,” she explained.

She also stated that eating healthy is part of self-care. You should be mindful of what you put on your skin, as well as what you put in your body, and drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.

“Lotion isn’t the only thing that can help your skin; you should also eat well, drink plenty of water, and exercise.”

Last but not least, this skin expert advised people to use sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun.

The expert believes a healthy lifestyle contributes to having good skin

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